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what is your next normal?

Next normal, well that is a new term to add to the dictionary for 2020. This year has been full of terms I never thought we would use. Pandemic, covid, hand sanitizer, pause, lockdown, test center, hybrid learning, and the list goes on. I was listening to a continuing legal education webinar a few weeks ago and the presenter said next normal and that really resonated with me. In my business, I had been focused on putting one foot in front of the other and keeping the lights on. I'm sure 95% of business owners are in this same boat. My mindset has been to adjust to a new normal that is temporary but I think it is time for all of us to adjust to a next normal. The way we did business before this is gone, likely forever. we have to figure out the next way to deliver exceptional services to our clients and customers. All while trying to navigate hybrid learning, vaccines, travel, social distancing, not seeing family and friends and keeping the lights on.

Full disclosure, I have overhauled my business at least 3 times this year so you are not alone. But the name of the game is to continue to move into the next normal in a way that will allow you to keep the lights on for years to come. The first step is to figure out what your next normal will look like. I for one enjoy the new world of Zoom meetings and virtual court. It is efficient, user friendly and freeing. Your business may not as easily accommodate the virtual norms and if that is the case, how will you adapt to the new normal. Making temporary changes simply won't work, so how can you conform to the next normal and over deliver to your clients.

Well I have a product for you and it is free. It is meant for that new business start up, someone who is on the cusp of launching their business. But today, we all are on the cusp of launching our business in the next normal. The Business No Brainer is going to help you to think through the process of what you should be doing next in your business. This is a process that I have done myself to decide how to handle the next normal. It is quite a daunting task and one that needs to happen to make sure your business continues to thrive in the next normal. Take a minute and go through the Business No Brainer Guide and then schedule a consultation to discuss next steps to help make sure your business is ready and able to move forward into the next normal. Check out our Facebook page for an introduction to me and how I handle FitPro businesses.

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